Softwash Solutions are exterior cleaning experts that offer a nationwide service through a base of trained applicators. We specialise in the safe and effective cleaning of all renders including K-Rend, Sto, Weber, Monocouche and Kilsaran as well as roofs, pebbledash, dry hash, concrete, tarmac, brick, decking and other surfaces.

Our Softwashing method avoids the overuse of harsh chemicals and high-pressure washing. The evidence has spoken: traditional methods of exterior cleaning are bad for the environment, damage surfaces and promote the regrowth of organisms. Softwash Solutions offer an alternative that is safer, longer-lasting and better for the planet.

Our methods have been engineered with the environment in mind. We strive to shrink the ‘footprint’ of the cleaning industry by lowering chemical use and water wastage, and practising the controlled and precise application of our solutions.

Softwash Solutions use professional grade biocides that are safe for professional use, softer on nature than harsher chemicals that have longer lasting results than industry alternatives, such as sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

All trained applicators in the Softwash Solutions Database are Biocide and COSHH trained. Our training process emphasises Good Work Practice and Health and Safety.

Before/After Biofilm Combination

Before/After Red Algae

Before/After Black Mould/Fungi

If an exterior surface begins to stain, discolour or host unsightly moss, the culprit is most likely a cocktail of atmospheric moulds, lichen, algae and fungi that rest and multiply on (and often in) a wide range of surfaces and building finishes. The resulting layer of symbiotic organisms, or “biofilm”, is not only ugly, it can seriously compromise the structural integrity of the building affected if left untreated. Deep-running roots will crumble porous render and heavy moss accumulation can dislodge roof tiles.

Until recently, the go-to solution for this problem has been high-pressure power washing. This approach gives almost instant visible results, but its effects are only short-term and superficial – they often do more harm than good. Jet washing does not kill organisms down to the root, leaving optimal conditions for potential regrowth. The process can also aid the growth of the intended target by blasting spores and contaminates into the air, which land and multiply on surrounding surfaces. Furthermore, overzealous power washing can damage the exteriors they intend to treat by blasting away render, flaking off paint and violating important protective layers.

Our Trained Applicators achieve consistent results on all modern finish renders, such as K-Rend, Sto, Monocouche and Weber. Likewise on pebbledash, dry dash, slate and concrete roof tiles, paving, tarmac, vinyl sidings, decking and fencing. Outdated, damaging, corrosive and dangerous unlicensed chemicals are replaced by safer, longer-lasting and fully-licensed biocide treatments.

Softwashing with Softwash Solution’s biocide targets and kills all mould, algae, fungi and moss down to the root, leaving a sanitised surface that deters any future spores from calling it home. Softwash Solutions remove the need for heavy-handed and potentially harmful power washing by utilizing simple chemistry. Whether cleaned with Safewash or our fully-licensed professional strength biocide, softwashed surfaces show longer-lasting results.

Our Biocide is government approved and biodegradable. The solution’s pH neutralizes once dry, significantly lowering its effect on the environment and ensuring the safety of pets and wild animals.

Our operatives are Biocide and COSHH trained, and imbued with the Softwash Solutions ethos, which values professionalism, high-quality customer service and extensive product knowledge. This revolutionary approach is finely tuned to guarantee the best results on every possible level — from the longest lasting results to the safest possible process.

We do not endorse the use of industrial strength bleach (sodium hypochlorite) labelled for other industries. Use of such products as cleaning agents is illegal and gives fleeting results.

Value for Money

Our prices are competitive and quotes are provided on a no-obligation basis. Domestic customers will never be required to pay a deposit.

Lasting Results

Our process works to completely eradicate the biofilm at its source, guaranteeing relatively long-lasting results than quick fix methods, whilst inhibiting the chances of regrowth.

Dynamic and Comprehensive Service

We offer a broad range of services, both domestic and commercial.

Lower Environmental Footprint

While all measures are taken by our professional applicators to limit downstream negative effects on the environment, it is wise to employ a precautionary measure to keep people, pets and wildlife away from biocides until the surface treated is completely dry. To view our 100% organic outdoor cleaner Safewash, click here


We provide a reliable service of consistently high quality, while remaining flexible and sensitive to the unique requirements of the customer and the job.

Soft on Surfaces, Hard on Algae, easier on the Environment

Our low-pressure application process has been engineered with Health & Safety and the environment in mind. Best practice can help to avoid unintended damage of surfaces or property, while remaining maximally effective on the target, without resorting to more corrosive chemicals.

Exceptional Customer Service

We are easily contactable and aim to provide prompt responses to all of our customers. We encourage a positive ethic of cooperation among our operatives. An ethos that values customer satisfaction and a pleasant working process pervades the entire Softwash Solutions project .

Please Take a Moment to Read Our Mission Statement

What sets Softwash Solutions apart from its competitors is an overarching professional philosophy that permeates all levels of our business, from training and softwashing to accounts and customer service. All of our products are HSE and PCS approved and appropriately regulated. All of our applicators are fully-trained and Health and Safety compliant. Good Work Practice is emphasized to protect the interests of both the applicator and the client.

We prioritise environmental concerns. Softwash Solutions products and methods are designed with the planet in mind: biodegradable chemicals applied with low-pressure, economical use of water.

We believe that all good businesses are built on strong ethical foundations, which is why we encourage our trained applicators to practice maximum transparency with their clients and offer fair and honest prices. No customer will be knowingly overcharged or taken advantage of in our name!

Among trained applicators, we encourage the free flow of information and advice through ever-open channels of communication. Applicators always have recourse to council and assistance from the Softwash community. We believe that informed, confident applicators produce higher quality work and deliver the best results for their customers.

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