We started Softwashing over 10 years ago and in that time, in particularly the last year, we have watched the rapid expansion of the Industry. Contractors want to be part of the Softwash Revolution and Customers are educating themselves on safer, less damaging, more effective and longer lasting treatments for their properties.

With a wealth experience in the Industry and an abundance of product knowledge we launched our own Solution in January 2015.

As we are suppliers of a Professional Strength Biocide we are under obligation to give Information, Instruction and Training to end users of the our product. Users of Professional Use Only Biocide are also under obligation to undertake Training. Those that have are then deemed by the Health & Safety Executive as ‘Professional’.

Attending our training course is a guaranteed way to gain comprehensive industry knowledge in the safe and effective use of Professional Use Biocide and the health and safety qualifications to become a certified professional Softwasher.

The training includes both classroom learning and hands-on technical training (weather permitting). Our Training program has a solid Health & Safety element, to include COSHH, Hierarchy of Control, Label Compliance and Good Work Practice together with cleaning techniques in the safe and effective use of Biocides & Oxidising Agents as a treatment of live growth on Exterior Hard Surfaces.

Upon completion of the course participants will receive a “2 in 1 Softwash Solutions Certificate of Completion and Competence” and can opt to become one of our Recommended Softwash Solutions Applicators.

The cost of the course is €200 or £200.

Upcoming training dates

New dates to be announced soon


Dates for 2019 to be confirmed soon. If you are interested in attending our training please send an expression of interest to Maureen at [email protected] and we will keep you up to date with what's happening.


Becoming one of our trained applicators has ongoing benefits that any attendee of our course can avail of, including:

  • Discounted Products
  • Partnered Tooling Providers
  • Proof of qualifications (Health and Safety, COSHH)
  • Collaborate With Other Professional Softwashers on Large Jobs
  • Ongoing support, mentoring and advice on quotations

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