The success of the Softwash revolution cannot be attributed solely to its high level of efficiency and long-lasting results. The conscious effort to keep our biocide and application process as safe for the environment as possible has played a vital role. We regard this part of our profession as highly important; it is the responsibility of any modern business as well as being in harmony with the needs of the ethical consumer.

Although our Softwash Solution is highly potent in its concentrated form, using our trained applicators helps ensure the dilution process that occurs before application pushes the chemical-to-water ratio beyond any potentially harmful condition. The finely tuned chemistry that consists in our biocide ensures that it destroys only its intended target, while leaving the surrounding working environment virtually unaffected once completely dry. The chemicals in the solution begin to degrade at a rapid rate on contact with the offending organisms, eventually stabilising at a neutral PH to become harmless for pets and wildlife. To view our 100% outdoor cleaner SAFEwash, click here.

Our application process works on the same principle: low-pressure delivery and calculated chemical ratios ensure the application is localised to the affected area while massively reducing water use- another environmental plus!

These attributes have earned our biocide health and safety approval at every administrative level.

What is Biofilm?

A Biofilm can consist of any combination of algae, mould, mildew, fungi, yeasts and protozoa that stick to a surface, establish their roots, and grow and multiply photosynthetically.

These microorganisms favour porous surfaces with hospitable mineral compositions. This means that most typical building and wall finishes are vulnerable to some type of biofilm colonisation. Their insidious growth through constant metabolic activity works its way inward to degrade the physical integrity of the affected structure, and outward to degrade the structures appearance and its ability to repel rainwater.

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