Who Are Softwash Solutions?

Softwash Solutions are a team of exterior cleaning experts and trainers based in Ireland, with strong links and a growing presence in the UK. Managing Director Michael Conway founded Softwash Solutions in Ireland in 2014. Now, Michael travels around the UK and Ireland training applicators in Softwashing and sharing his knowledge and expertise as a consultant. Michael is supported by a team of solid professionals, including his wife Maureen, who oversees Course Administration and Sales and Kevin Gifford, the company’s dedicated Health & Safety Consultant.

Michael and Maureen strongly believe in the power of numbers and synergy. The community they are building encourages interaction and cooperation between Trained Applicators throughout the UK and Ireland. When you use a Softwash Solutions trained applicator, you are not merely hiring an individual professional; you are also benefitting from a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated by the entire Softwashing community and shared through its many channels.

Business is built on the ethos of community, information, sharing and the T.E.A.M. principle — Together Everyone Achieves More.

What is Softwash Solution?

Softwash Solution is a fully-licensed, high-quality Professional Strength Biocide (UK HSE No 10003, IRL PCS No: 98068) suitable for the removal of live growth on a range of exterior hard surfaces. One of the most potent biocides on the market, it is a DDAC with the identical CAS Number (Unique Chemical Identifier) to other high quality biocides on the market, such as AlgoClear Pro. However, Softwash Solution is 25% stronger than AlgoClear Pro which has a concentrate of 40%, as opposed to our 50% Solution. Softwash Solution also has the extra cutting edge of IPA, which trials have clearly demonstrated contributes to product stability, cleaning and results, particularly at colder temperatures.

Damage to K-Rend due to Power washing

Health & Safety and Regulation Compliance

  • All Applicators are fully trained in the use of Softwash Solutions Pro Use Only Biocide in compliance with PCS & HSE Regulations
  • All Applicators are COSHH Qualified and Compliant using Good Work Practice and Hierarchy of Control principals within the Chemical Industry
  • Fully Approved in Ireland under PCS No: 98068
  • Fully Approved in Ireland under PCS No: 10003
  • REACH Compliant

Damage to K-Rend due to heavy build up of Biofilm

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Softwash Solutions?

  • Verifiable Applicators who Professional Use only Biocide trained and COSHH Certified
  • Fully Licensed and Insured Solution
  • Safe to use on all External Hard Surfaces
  • 8 times stronger than off the shelf Biocides

  • Longer Lasting Results
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Acid Free

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